Thursday, May 20, 2010

Just Be

Sometimes it is hard to just be. As life moves me forward, I find that I sometimes want to cling to the past and my old comfortable ways. Currently, I am getting close to finalizing the sale of my home, and this process is bringing up a lot of insecurities. Am I making the right decision? Where am I supposed to be? Should we build or buy? These are only a few of the questions that have been running through my mind for the past few weeks. Yesterday, I even found myself talking my friend into making an "energetic drive-by" to help me decide where I should live! What is happening to me?

I believe that I have forgotten to be silent and turn inward and connect to God and the answers that are already inside of me. At times like this, I am reminded of the book, The Shack, and my favorite excerpt from the book follows where Sarayu, the Holy Spirit, is speaking to Mack:

"When I dwell with you, I do so in the present~I live in the present. Not the past, although much can be remembered and learned by looking back, but only for a visit, not an extended stay. And for sure, I do not dwell in the future you visualize or imagine. Mack, do you realize that your imagination of the future, which is almost always dictated by fear of some kind, rarely, if ever, pictures me there with you" (p. 143-144).

May we all visualize the Holy Spirit in our future and release all fears that block our good from unfolding. Namaste.

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