Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Heart Steps

I love this book! My friend Helen gave me this book as a gift, and it has been a steady companion ever since. I read one message daily, and I am always amazed how accurate this book can be.

Today, I found myself at the hospital getting an unexpected echo cardiogram of my heart. When I went to the doctor today, I did not expect to end up at the hospital. In the waiting room, I picked up Heart Steps and read the passage titled, "My Heart is a Throne for Courage" (p. 81). I immediately felt at ease and remembered that I already have all of the strength and courage I need to handle this situation.

In this passage, Julia reminds us that we are supplied all of the support and strength we need to face any challenge in life. Sometimes this support comes from unexpected sources, like a stranger kind enough to give you directions when you are lost (thank you to the hospital employee kind enough to direct me as she was leaving work). The universe does support us in all that we need to do, if we are open and humble enough to accept.



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