Friday, May 7, 2010

I'm Trying to See the Blessing

Hello again! I had just finished writing this great post about how fatigue is a blessing for me today when my son yelled from the potty, "Jay just knocked my tooth out!" I was appalled and went running to the bathroom. There, I found my son sitting on the potty with blood running out of his mouth! My 3.5 year-old was standing on the stool beside him in horror.

I quickly got the low down. Apparently, my 5 year-old threatened to push Jay out the window, (which thankfully isn't possible in my bathroom) and Jay just slapped him on the face and out fell his tooth!

So, what is the blessing here? My son has been annoyed by this semi-loose tooth for weeks, and now he doesn't have to pull it out. It's a blessing! Hooray! The tooth fairy is on the way!

Now we are back to reading Hands Are Not for Hitting, which I highly recommend.



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