Friday, January 31, 2014

Be Still

Be Still is the blessing of the day.

I just got off the phone with a friend, and we were discussing how it is often difficult to know what direction we should take in life. With so many ideas swimming in our heads, how do we know which idea is divinely inspired and worthy of pursuing?

We discussed how when we make time to be still and meditate, the answers to our questions often present themselves. So today, I thought I would make some time to be still and see what comes up.

Doreen Virtue has some thoughts on this topic as well.  In her book, The Angel Therapy Handbook, she discusses how to weed out true guidance from false guidance. She describes how true guidance is consistent and states:
True guidance is repetitive, and will stick with you over time. Although it may build in detail and application, the core notion will stay the same. False guidance changes its course and structure constantly(p. 106).
Doreen also discusses motivation in relation to the guidance.  She states,
True guidance is motivated by a desire to improve a situation.  False guidance's chief aim is to make you rich and famous.  Although true guidance may yield those rewards, they are side benefits and not the central motivation for the idea (p. 106). 
I wish you all much peace in finding the space to be still today.  I know the angels above will be with you when you do!